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Vonda Covington - Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney - Richmond TX

Vonda Covington – Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney – Richmond TX

A Family Law Attorney You Can Trust to Give You Responsive Service

If you’re like most people, going through a divorce is the hardest time of your life.  If there are children involved, it can be even more emotionally difficult to work through developing child custody and co-parenting arrangements.  Dividing marital property adds even more emotional stress.  All this stress can cause you to make bad decisions if you don’t hire a lawyer you can trust to advise you.   Vonda has the experience, the common sense and the work ethic to help guide you through the divorce process to a better future for you and your children.  Call 281-762-0578 to make an appointment now.

“Vonda, Thank You! … You gave me freedom, understanding, guidance — and kept me strong through a very hard divorce …”   Dawn 

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, you need a guide to help you understand the confusing legal jargon and the divorce process.  You need a divorce lawyer who can explain how the decisions you make today can affect you and your children next year and ten years from now.  Vonda Covington is that family law attorney who truly cares about her clients and their families, and she’ll work with you to help you toward a better future.

Whether you are ending your marriage, making changes to an existing parenting arrangement, or enforcing a court order, Vonda will give you the advice and legal representation that you can trust to help you through your ordeal. Vonda listens to your questions and concerns, and then she provides clear answers and information.  She wants to help you to make the legal decisions that are right for you and your children.  Vonda will work with you to help minimize the effects of the divorce on your children.

Vonda’s areas of family law practice include divorce, collaborative family law, mediation, adoption and general family legal issues such as child custody, custody modification, child support, child support enforcement, grandparents rights and Child Protective Services (CPS) cases.

Vonda’s primary concern is achieving your objectives, and she’ll help you understand how your goals for the divorce, for co-parenting and for dividing your property will affect your life in future years.  Together you’ll develop a plan and then execute the plan to help you achieve your goals for the divorce while working to ensure that your goals for life after the divorce are also achieved.

Vonda’s training as a collaborative law attorney helps you even if you don’t use the collaborative divorce process.  The collaborative divorce process emphasizes the needs of the children, uses a problem solving approach to finding solutions, and focuses on the needs and interests of the client and the client’s family.

will this be your child's future

Will this be your child’s future? Let Vonda help you avoid this.

There is another approach to divorce that some people take that can turn hard feelings and disappointment into hatred.  After the divorce, the relationship between the parties is characterized by continuing disputes and repeated trips to court.  Every decision about who picks up a child after soccer practice and who pays for summer camp involves lawyers and the courts.  Money which has been set aside for the children’s college is spent on legal fees.  Children are used as pawns in the power struggle between parents.  Vonda will counsel you to avoid this approach!

If you want the best future for yourself and your kids, call Vonda to help you make the decisions that will set you on the right path and keep you there.  Call 281-762-0578 now or send her an email through her contact form.

Vonda has been practicing family law in Harris County and Fort Bend County for more than twenty years. Put her experience to work for you and call her today at 281-762-0578.